​Performing Arts Audio
Who is that guy with the grin?
Ben Stiegler's  audio career began at age 3,  when he collected soggy kite string from the playground and brought it home to "wire up the house".  His bedroom soon became the neighborhood radio/hi-fi repair shop.

By high school, he was mixing sound for musicals, editing dance tracks, mastering LPs, working as a product test intern at Shure Brothers, and professionally recording Northwestern University graduate student music recitals.  During college, he worked for the Auditory Physiology Lab at Northwestern University, deepening his understanding of how our brains process sound.

Trained as French horn player and singer, Ben brings a critically attuned musical ear to audio.  

Ben has designed and built studio and transmitter facilities for 4 broadcast stations, equipped and renovated many performance spaces, produced countless hours of live concert & documentary radio, mixed thousands of performances, and trains audio technicians nationally. .

Ben is recognized as a full member of the Audio Engineering Society, the international professional organization for audio engineers, and holds current certifications from industry-leading/standard-setting firms like QSC, Audinate, & Meyer Sound.

Musicians love working with him because he understands their performance experience, he knows what they should sound like, and he strives to make the audience forget there's a sound system involved in the performance. Corporate clients enjoy working with him because he brings everything needed to successfully design and implement easy-to-use meeting rooms with full A/V and video-conferencing capabilities, including bandwidth, automated audio/video systems, projection, streaming, lighting and even motorized shades

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  1. The College Preparatory School
    Ben has provided invaluable assistance to CPS Performing Arts since 2012. His careful, good-humored guidance and his deep understanding of acoustics and audio helped CPS step into 21st century systems and greatly improve sound quality in an old building that has always been an acoustically challenging environment. He designed our improved solution, took responsibility for installing it without any disruption of academic or extra-curricular activities, and patiently trained and coached our students to gain mastery and confidence. -- Salil Singh, Arts Dept Chair
  2. Sacramento Jazz Festival
    We literally could not have played our Courtyard set without Ben's timely and cheerful assistance! --Paolo Alderaghi (& Stephanie Trick)
  3. Jewish Music Festival
    For many years, Ben has made our Festival events sound great and run well at many challenging venues! Whatever was needed beyond audio (making artists feel at home, assisting patrons, ensuring safety) Ben was there with experience and enthusiasm. I highly recommend him and his team!