​Performing Arts Audio
Music Makes People Smile!

We make sure they can hear it well! 
Poor Sound Sucks!

Ever bought tickets for a concert or attended an important event where you couldn't hear well?  Ever had patrons demand a refund? Artists reluctant to rebook with you?

Sound is really easy to mess up.   Delivering audio which enhances a performance requires a deep working understanding of acoustics, electronics, physics ... and a good ear for music, too!
We excel at creating a great sonic experience which builds connection and intimacy between performers and audiences. 
Live Event Sound
Great sound for live events doesn't just happen by itself.  Careful planning which takes into account venue size, acoustics & layout, performer/rider requirements, festival changeover time restrictions, wireless frequency coordination, budget, available staffing or volunteers is how we set your event up for success!

Musical theater requires a different planning process taking into account rehearsal schedules, RF frequency issues, orchestra reinforcement and more.

We then specify appropriate equipment (and source it if needed), install and tune it.   Then we manage your event with  musician's ears - making sure every song is clean, clear, and well-balanced.

Concert halls, theaters, restaurants, classrooms and houses of worship all require well-designed, reliable, and easy to use sound systems.

Whether starting from scratch or needing a tune-up on a legacy, system, we're here to help.  

We begin with a thorough needs assessment, and a facilities survey. This results in solid, design-based solutions and budgets. 
Installed System Design

Yes!  For most events we can also handle your event lighting and design!